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Grant Opportunities

The following resources are for people seeking information or assistance applying for Federal Grants. Please contact our office at

What is a federal grant?

A federal grant is a financial award given by a federal agency or department for a specific project or program. These funds are made available by the general federal revenue. Grants support infrastructure improvements, recovery efforts, innovative research, economic development projects, and much more.

Who is eligible to receive federal grants?

Every funding opportunity has unique eligibility requirements. Generally speaking, most grants are open to government entities (State, Parish, and Local) and/or non-profit organizations. Grants are rarely open to for-profit entities or individuals.

If you are looking for resources for your small business, please consult the Small Business Administration.

There are also benefits for individuals through many agencies. If you are having an issue with a specific agency, contact one of my offices to speak with a case worker.

How do I find a federal grant?

Identifying the appropriate funding opportunity for your project can be very challenging, but there are several ways to do so.

  • Agency website: Agencies keep up-to-date information on their websites about their open and closed funding opportunities. You can find a complete list of agencies here.
  • information on federal grants, loans, and benefit programs for individuals. For more information, visit their website here.
  • serves as the platform to apply for almost all federal resources. For more information, visit their website here.
  • System Award Management (SAM) is the new, official U.S. government website for making, receiving, and managing federal grants. It is in the process of combining ten legacy sites & the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

    You can search and find the tools you need to apply for federal grants through

Our Grants Newsletter:

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Stay informed, empower your projects, and join our community of grant seekers!

Our Office has also instituted a Grants Team of researchers that can assist grant seekers in researching and identifying potential funding opportunities. Please fill our our Federal Grant Research Request Form and submit it to for assistance.

How do I apply for a federal grant? serves as the platform to apply for almost all federal resources

You will need to obtain a DUNS number, register with SAM, and register with before applying for a federal grant. These are lengthy processes, so please allot plenty of time to do each before the deadline. Please find more information about registering an organization here.

Can you help me write a grant application?

Our office cannot help you write a grant proposal or complete an application. However, we can help find answers you have about federal funding opportunities. If you have questions about a specific program, please contact our office at

There are a wealth of free resources available online- including Grantspace’s Introduction and Guide. Additionally, agencies often offer webinars or live call-ins about specific grant programs. Utilize these to learn the details about a funding opportunity.

Can you provide a support letter to include in my grant application packet?

If your project will be a responsible use of federal funding, meets the specific requirements, is located in LA-06, and improves the quality of life of LA-06 residents, we will evaluate your proposal for a potential, accompanying letter of support. To request a letter of support for your application, please fill out and return a completed Letter of Support Request Form with a draft letter to two weeks prior to the application deadline.

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