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House Bill to Repeal U.S. Military Vaccine Mandate and Increase Pay for U.S. Servicemembers

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to imminently pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which will repeal the U.S. military vaccine mandate and increase pay for U.S. servicemembers. Additionally, the bill counters bad actors such as Russia, China, Iran and others.

"Our servicemembers deserve to be paid appropriately and have the best equipment and technology we can invest in. They need to have the upper hand. The legislation also repeals the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that numerous active-duty military constituents have reached out to our office expressing concerns about and has even challenged recruitment efforts. Even President Biden said three months ago that the pandemic was over - it's time to stop punishing those serving and protecting our freedoms," Graves said. "This bill will also put us back toward maritime supremacy across the globe and advance U.S. interests. Many of our national security ships are built right here in Louisiana. This means this bill gives our state jobs, economic development and a seat at the national security table."

Below is a breakdown of how the vaccine mandate is hurting military recruiting efforts and hurting U.S. service members.

  • Army: 15,000 soldiers short, 25 percent of target.
  • Navy: 587 officers short, barely met target for enlisted sailors.
  • Air Force: 5,000 airmen behind on next year's goal, barely met this year's target.
  • Marine Corps: Had to increase retention and reduce recruiting targets this year to meet them.