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Congressman Graves on President Biden Snubbing America’s Working Families

January 27, 2021
Press Release

BATON ROUGE, LA – Congressman Garret Graves issued the following remarks today regarding President Biden’s executive actions on energy and the environment:  

“On the campaign trail, President Biden said that he would not ban oil and gas: “we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.” Apparently, “a long time” means less than one week. What was obvious then is undeniable now: this was a flat-out campaign lie to get elected. 

Biden has already revoked approval of the Keystone pipeline that would help deliver North American energy to consumers, put a moratorium on energy development in the United States, and re-joined the fundamentally flawed and environmentally counterproductive Paris Climate Accords – which is a gift to China.

President Biden canceled existing energy production on America’s public lands and offshore, and locked up additional domestic lands and water from energy production. The wait is over for the Communist leaders of China, Putin, and the Russian oil and gas oligarchs: they finally have what they want from a U.S. president.

Well, get ready for what’s coming next. Mark my words, here is what will happen as a result of these radical policies:

  • Americans will be paying higher electricity bills at a time when we are already struggling
  • Gas prices at the pump are going to rise
  • Airline and bus travel will increase
  • We’re going to see a loss in revenue sharing for hurricane protection, flood control and coastal restoration projects
  • The cost of transport and delivery of groceries and other products is going to go up and be passed on to consumers
  • America’s dependence on foreign energy sources from countries like China, Russia, Iran and others will increase
  • Net global emissions will increase as a result of getting energy from other countries and offshoring of services.

If you support paying more for energy, higher costs to visit family, more expensive groceries and greater dependence on foreign adversaries, then you’ve got to be excited about the Biden plan being put into action. 

But here’s the reality: the U.S. has led the world in reducing energy emissions apart from these maniacal policies – and we did it without pink-slipping American families and gutting our economy. What we’re seeing out of the White House so far is wholesale ignorance of science and blind faith in Woke Orthodoxy.”