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Graves Announces $156 Million in Energy Revenues for Louisiana’s Coastal Restoration, Hurricane Protection, and Flood Control Projects

U.S. Congressman Garret Graves (South Louisiana) announced that the State of Louisiana and several coastal Louisiana parishes will receive $156,329,442.65 in the Gulf of Mexico (GOMESA) energy revenues which are awarded to the four Gulf offshore oil and gas-producing states. The law was drafted and negotiated by Graves. Louisiana’s state constitution requires that the revenues from energy lease sales are directly invested into hurricane protection, flood control projects, and coastal restoration.

Graves' statement:

"It’s amazing to me that President Biden has been adamant about shutting down domestic energy production since his first day in office yet will take credit for the revenues from it. It takes 10 years to bring offshore energy into production, and virtually all this money is attributable to previous administrations. I am pleased that Louisiana will continue to rightfully benefit from these energy revenues – these dollars go directly to our state to move dirt on critical protection projects and make our communities and coastline safer and more resilient. The only thing the Biden Administration has achieved by shutting down oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico is put Louisiana jobs on the line and future revenue for costal restoration in jeopardy.”

Of the revenues, the State of Louisiana will receive $125,063,554.13 while the coastal parishes will receive $31,265,888.52.

Parish Disbursements in South Louisiana:

  • Assumption Parish – $1,025,575.78
  • Calcasieu Parish – $1,691,776.20
  • Cameron Parish – $2,095,495.70
  • Iberia Parish – $1,617,190.25
  • Jefferson Parish – $2,538,333.90
  • Lafourche Parish – $1,612,387.64
  • Livingston Parish – $1,325,121.51
  • Orleans Parish – $2,223,457.33
  • Plaquemines Parish – $3,055,059.45
  • St. Bernard Parish – $1,493,149.15
  • St. Charles Parish – $1,099,142.70
  • St. James Parish – $957,874.55
  • St. John the Baptist Parish – $1,025,906.65
  • St. Martin Parish – $1,153,309.09
  • St. Mary Parish – $1,341,025.75
  • St. Tammany Parish – $1,770,846.79
  • Tangipahoa Parish – $1,270,079.32
  • Terrebonne Parish – $2,358,501.78
  • Vermilion Parish – $1,611,654.98