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Graves: President Biden’s Laura and Delta Funding Request is Long-Overdue; Bad Blueprint for Ida

September 8, 2021
Press Release
Request excludes key priorities, and preserves harmful bureaucracy and policies that will further victimize Ida survivors

LOUISIANA – President Joe Biden announced the long-awaited emergency supplemental recovery funding request for Hurricanes Laura and Delta as Louisiana is recovering from Hurricane Ida’s landfall. The supplemental funds are long-overdue for Hurricanes Delta, Laura and Zeta, and we are deeply concerned about a critical missed opportunity to specifically address timely recovery needs stemming from Hurricane Ida.

The request excludes several of the critical priorities Graves discussed during Biden’s visit, which are as important for those recovering from prior storms as they are for those hit by Hurricane Ida.

We have penned a letter to President Biden raising the issue that the included provisions fall short on delivering long-term structural changes and without changes to the federal government bureaucracies, Hurricane Ida survivors will be further victimized.

When President Biden visited Louisiana last week, Graves told him at the St. John the Baptist Parish Emergency Operations Center that rebuilding back where we were before Hurricane Ida landfall would deliver no long-term solutions.

Graves is asking the president to revisit the supplemental request and make a number of structural changes and insert additional items to build a stronger Louisiana. The areas Graves wants the president to focus on include: Hurricane Ida Disaster Assistance, Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery, Resilience, Ports and Waterways, and declaring a Fisheries Failure Determination.

Without these core changes, we will spend more taxpayer dollars after the fact rather than investing before the storm.

With the likelihood of the White House and Congress waiting to act on Hurricane Ida assistance, compounded by the impossibly time-consuming HUD approval process, disaster victims won’t reasonably expect to see recovery assistance until January 2023. Further preventing recovery are the breathtaking costs and delays of ad hoc rules invented by bureaucrats who sit comfortably behind a desk while victims wait a year or more for a roof.

More details on these specific asks can be found HERE in the letter sent to President Biden.