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Graves Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal

July 14, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C — Congressman Garret Graves (R- South Louisiana) issued the following statement after President Obama’s announced that it had reached a final agreement in nuclear negotiations with Iran:  

"Iran has a well-documented track record of working against American interests. From kidnapping Americans, funding terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Yemen to vowing to wipe Israel – our strongest ally in the region – off the map, Iran has been a catalyst of instability in the Middle East region. Despite the president’s claim that this deal is ‘not built on trust, but on verification,’ it’s hard to view Iran as a cooperative negotiating partner. Congress now has the opportunity to read the agreement and make an informed decision, but I will not support any deal that gives Iran a smoother path to a nuclear weapon, which will exacerbate regional instability and jeopardize American national security interests."