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Congressman Garret Graves

Representing the 6th District of Louisiana

We Need ICE: Here's Why

July 19, 2018
In The News

Some Members of Congress from other states are calling for abolishing our country’s Immigration and Custom Enforcement, “ICE.” I completely disagree with this idea and am working to stop any movement on that front: it’s the wrong direction for the United States.

Today, we supported passage of a House resolution that I cosponsored to commend ICE and double down on our commitment to support their mission and provide the resources they need to carry out their mission.

Here’s why:

Take a look at the numbers ( It’s amazing how many of those arrested trying to illegally cross the border are gang members, are smuggling kids to human traffic them, have interdicted drugs on them or have warrants out for their arrest. These are dangerous people coming here illegally trying to harm the United States. 
When innocent lives are put at risk because other people are breaking the law, I don’t think it ever makes any sense to come in and say, “oh, we should get rid of the police” … that’s effectively what those who want ICE abolished are saying.

We are talking about our federal law enforcement; these are our police who help protect our country on a daily basis: our communities, our families, our businesses, our economy – everything. 99.9% of those folks are heroes. They put their lives on the line – we’ve lost ICE agents on the border.

Think of it like this: if you asked the question, “Should we have totally open borders with no constraints whatsoever?” The overwhelming majority of Americans would say ‘no’ and that we need some type of conditions on people that want to come here. Well, then we need to have some type of security to distinguish our country from other countries so we can make sure that the people who are coming in are the people who meet the conditions we’ve established.

That’s why we have been and continue to be committed to securing the border and have supported funding for a wall, electronic surveillance, border agents and other technologies to make sure that law enforcement along the border have what they need to continue keeping America safe.

We must secure the border. We must enforce our immigration laws, and we need to reform the legal immigration process. 
We will continue to lift up ICE and give them the support and resources they need – they are an important part of our law enforcement community that protects us all.