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Congressman Garret Graves

Representing the 6th District of Louisiana

Graves Addresses Coastal Erosion at Louisiana's American Planning Association Meeting

March 9, 2016
In The News

On Friday, Congressman Garret Graves spoke to the Louisiana Chapter of the American Planning Association. He cited a 2009 study from LSU professors Mike Blum and Harry Roberts that looked at Louisiana’s land loss related to levee construction over the last century. Without the rivers periodically flooding the region and delivering sediment to build land at the same rate it used to, the entire delta region could be submerged by 2100, according to the study.

“I know you’re not all from south Louisiana, but let me tell you something: you look at the models, without impressive action, by 2100, coastal Louisiana is Ascension and Iberville parishes. Ascension and Iberville parishes … Some of you who may live a little north of here may think that’s exciting because it means a shorter trip to go fishing, but there are some consequences,” Graves said.

Graves, who formerly headed the Costal Protection and Restoration Authority, mentioned to the group of planners how critical planning is for the state, and the coast in particular, going forward, and how the lack of planning contributed to the position the region is in today.

“It’s amazing what’s happening here. As a result of that land loss, and the lack of mitigation and effort to try to retard or try to push back against that loss, all these great things that are happening down here are at risk, including the same port infrastructure they were trying to protect by building the levees,” the congressman said.

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