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Congressman Garret Graves

Representing the 6th District of Louisiana

CRCL Sees New GOMESA Bill as Vital to Survival

September 13, 2018
In The News

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Congressman Garret Graves (R-LA) released the Domestic Offshore Energy Reinvestment Act of 2018. It was voted out of the House Committee on Natural Resources this morning. The bill proposes to amend the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006 (more commonly known as GOMESA) by increasing the percentage of qualified outer Continental Shelf revenues that will get directed to Gulf producing states and removing the cap that currently exists on revenues. These changes would result in more money being directed to Louisiana to use on critically needed storm protection and environmental restoration projects. In response to Rep. Graves’ bill, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’s Policy Director, Emily Vuxton, released the following statement:

“We thank Congressman Graves for his continuing and tireless work in fighting for the restoration of coastal Louisiana. Louisiana’s offshore waters continue to produce much of the oil and gas our country depends on, yet we see very little of the revenue. Rep. Graves’ proposed bill will keep more of the oil and gas revenues where they belong – in Louisiana. Louisiana is largely responsible for powering our nation and the burden that comes with it. In the past we have not proportionally benefitted from the revenues generated by these resources. The initial GOMESA bill sought to remedy this injustice, but we have always believed that the Gulf States were entitled to more of the revenues than they were originally allocated.

“Coastal Louisiana is disappearing every day and as it does, our communities, our people, our economy and our way of life are put at risk. We have a plan to rebuild and restore our coast, but we do not have the funding needed to complete our 50-year, $50 billion Coastal Master Plan. This bill will help us plan, design and, ultimately, construct the projects that are vital to our survival. We urge Congress to pass the Domestic Offshore Energy Reinvestment Act of 2018 as quickly as possible.  The people of Louisiana are depending on it.”

About CRCL:

CRCL is a non-partisan, non-profit organization driving bold, science-based action to restore Coastal Louisiana though outreach, restoration and advocacy.  CRCL was founded in 1988 and is the state’s oldest and most comprehensive coastal restoration organization. Visit