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The Supreme Court Takes Up POTUS' Amnesty Program

April 18, 2016
Blog Post

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in the case United States v. Texas to determine whether as many as 5 million illegal immigrants can be spared deportation under the amnesty program the presdient created through executive action, circumventing current immigration law established by Congress. The president needs to work with Congress to bring effective immigration reform that reflects the will of the citizens of this country.

Every president has exercised executive power contained in Article II of the Constitution to advance their priorities, but President Obama’s use of executive orders as a primary method of governance – often demonstrating dramatic shifts in public policy – is alarming. The Constitution grants authority to write laws to Congress, not presidents. Allowing presidents to unilaterally determine how our nation deals with controversial issues without engaging in public debate, addressing opposition and working proposals through the legislative process is a dangerous precedent. 

I’ve been clear about my opposition to the president’s pattern of executive overreach and am working in the House of Representatives to stay within the executive branch’s boundaries. As the lower court found in 2015, the president broke the law by imposing this amnesty program upon America. We will soon see if the Supreme Court will stop him from overstepping the will of the people.

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