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Congressman Garret Graves

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Demonstrating Continued Need for Manufactured Housing Unit (MHU)

January 17, 2017
Blog Post

The following is updated informtion from FEMA regarding Manufactured Housing Units. 

Demonstrating Continued Need for Manufactured Housing Unit (MHU)

• Every 30 days, FEMA evaluates each applicant’s eligibility to remain in the MHU.

• FEMA evaluates an applicant’s eligibility based upon:

  1.   The applicant’s adherence to the terms and conditions of the license agreement; and
  2.   The applicant’s verifiable progress toward a long-term housing solution.

• FEMA requires applicants to establish a realistic long-term housing plan by the date of their first eligibility evaluation.

• A realistic housing plan must show that the applicant intends to:

  1.      Repair or rebuild the pre-disaster residence;
  2.   Purchase a new residence; or
  3.   Find and lease an available rental unit.

• FEMA will examine the housing plan to determine if it is realistic; a plan is realistic if the applicant demonstrates sufficient financial resources or other viable means to achieve the plan.

• FEMA may be able to provide guidance on the next steps as an applicant moves forward with their housing plan.

• Applicants who do not make progress toward their housing plan must demonstrate the cause of the delays and show that it is by no fault of their own; issues that could delay an applicant from achieving their plan include: o Lack of rental resources within reasonable distance from the property, workplace or schools;

  1.  Lack of necessary building materials or components;
  2.  Delays in the move-in date for a secured rental resource; or
  3.  Delays caused by the unavailability of contractors or contractor error, e.g., a work stoppage due to missing permits.

Applicants may have their eligibility to remain in an MHU revoked if they:

  1.  Violate any part of the license agreement;
  2.  Do not actively work toward making or achieving a long-term housing plan; or
  3.  Do not cooperate with FEMA during the eligibility evaluations or similar appointments.

• If an occupant is deemed ineligible for an MHU but refuses to vacate, the occupant is subject to a monthly penalty fee.

• Eligibility to live in an MHU expires at the end of the period of assistance, 18 months from  Aug. 14, 2016, the date of the disaster declaration.